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Sustainable residential design portfolio and sketches.

An Architectural Idealogue

It is around the time you have put 10 years into a craft that you begin to hit a stride. It is then that you begin to understand all the parts and pieces of your profession, and how they come together.

But this alone does not bring about innovation.

That takes closing your eyes, having a vision that emboldens your deepest values, and then harnessing the parts and pieces to accomplish that goal.

I am dedicated to high-performance envelopes (meeting Passive House standards), shop prefabrication and automation, panelized and modular delivery of buildings, and full integration of building systems. I am dedicated to using technology to accelerate the affordability of homes for the middle class.

But these are just tools to achieve an idea: of buildings that are extensions of the landscape, that reinforce a spiritual bond between humanity and the earth. Like books I have written, this sketchbook is an `idealogue' a travelogue in the exploration for a new natural architecture.


A house built in the northwest should feel like it lives in the northwest.
How do we respond to the sun? How do we sculpt the landscape to make our buildings part of the Earth?