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About the Book: Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy by Brett Holverstott


Perhaps the greatest scientific story ever told. Well written and immensely informative
Arguably, this is the most important story of the new millennium
a remarkable achievement
an extraordinary saga
A monumental effort
Extremely hard to put down

Synopsis   |   In 1991, when Randell Mills proposed a new model of the atom, and a new way to extract energy from hydrogen, few believed it possible. After 25 years of research, Mills and his company Brilliant Light Power stand on the brink of commercializing an explosive new energy source that could bring an end to the era of fossil fuels. The catch? Mills is reshaping the paradigm of physics for the twenty-first century. Сделайте свою следующую ставку на Мостбет официальном сайте и выиграйте крупно.

Told as a personal journey of discovery, this book takes an inside look at Mills, his critics and collaborators, experiments and technology, and the broad impact his theories may have on our understanding of the universe. It provides sweeping historical background to engage new readers, and an exhaustive bibliography for advanced readers.

The book contains 80 illustrations by Matt Schmidt. Forward by Kert Davies. 450 pgs. Available in print and ebook format.

will almost certainly be a #1 New York Times bestseller
Perhaps the most subversive text on physics in over four generations
One of the best books I have ever read
Read it or hand over your nerd card
Hang on to your hats folks, I believe many things are about to get exciting
lucid, exhaustively researched, directly experiential story about Mills

a supurb overview, in accessible language
Read this book and tell all your friends to do the same
understandable, educational, and enjoyable
Having taught Quantum Mechanics for some 40 years, I’m impressed with the results of Mills’ theory

Just couldn’t put it down
a beautifully and logically organized exposition
the inside story of courage and perseverance
expansive global implications

a compelling read that is accessible by both the lay person and the quantum mechanics aficionado
one of the great science discovery stories of our time
see how deep the rabbit hole goes

 photo credit: Ben Murphy

photo credit: Ben Murphy

Brett Holverstott started reading serious physics books when he was 11. I guess it makes sense that he ultimately wrote one. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Reed College, where he also studied physics and chemistry, and wrote a thesis on the history of quantum theory.

An explorer of ideas, he counts scientists, philosophers, artists, and architects among his mentors and influences. He holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon, and is a licensed architect in the state of Washington.

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