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Masimo reports strong earnings

Brett Holverstott

Masimo stock is outperforming. Wall street is betting against it.

In a recent Forbes piece, Schaffer's Investment Research reports that Masimo (MASI) stock has risen 120% in the last 52 weeks, and Wall Street has started betting against the stock.

Shares of MASI boast a 52-week lead of roughly 120%, hitting an all-time high of $96.68 on March 13. Since then, the stock has been trading in a tight range, while its rising 40-day moving average has been playing catch-up. However, the stock's ascent has been met with a huge rise in short interest.

As the stock continues to outperform, short sellers find themselves deeper underwater. Short sellers have lost about 14% on average.

Tonight, Masimo reported its first quarter results.

Our Q1 product revenue exceeded our expectations.... Our Q1 product revenues grew to $178.1 million, a 9% increase.

While I am unable to comment on whether Masimo's growth justifies the rise in value of the stock, it may well be that some of the interest in Masimo may be due to the relationship with Brilliant Light Power.

Last year, BLP, a privately funded research laboratory in Cranbury, NJ, announced that it was working with Masimo to fabricate an array of solar cells to be used in a new prototype reactor.

The reactor "burns" hydrogen with an energy release of about 200 times that of combusting hydrogen and oxygen. The only byproduct of the reaction is an inert form of hydrogen gas, which BLP calls hydrino. It is a new power source, and probably the most exciting thing in the world of science and technology.

Because the power per unit volume of the reaction is so intense, the reaction chamber itself is designed to heat up to 3,000 degrees and emit a brilliant white light. The solar cells would by high-capacity collector photovoltaics (CPV) which could theoretically capture 45% of the incident radiation. Masimo was on contract to provide the cells.

BLP was scheduled to publicly demonstrate the reactor with the integrated PV in the first quarter, but it didn't happen. Word on the street is that the PV was not performing to initial expectations, and BLP was changing direction to concentrate on a commercial thermal unit before a commercial electric generator.

BLP has continued to raise millions for development, and it is not unlikely that its fans, followers, and large base of private investors are looking to the publicly traded Masimo to anticipate a major unveiling and sudden interest in the company.

If MASI continues to outperform, how long will it take for Wall Street to follow the money and realize they are betting against a looming revolution?