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Video of November 12th Talk


Video of November 12th Talk

Brett Holverstott

I very much enjoyed giving a talk at The Apple Farm on November 12th. I woke up that morning to sunlight flooding in through the window of a charming 200-year old farmhouse with two-foot thick walls in rural Pennsylvania.

In attendance were friends and family of the host, as well as BLP enthusiasts. We had an overwhelming array of food and a well stocked bar in a space that had been a barn, converted into a wedding and event space, with exposed wood trusses. Half way through the talk, we got the fire roaring, and continued to chat and drink wine into the evening.

There will probably come a day when I am giving these talks at larger venues, but I doubt they will be as enjoyable. Big thanks to Jon and Suzy Apple.

The event itself went great, but for one unforeseen hiccup: half way through the talk someone's pants caught fire! Went up in flames and left a burn mark on the wall. The guy had some second-degree burns and a large swath of missing pant on one leg. But otherwise he's fine. Some beer quenched the reaction.

Turns out he had two D-batteries and an inhaler in his pocket that spontaneously formed an IED. Another possible explanation: immediately before it happened, I was describing the incredible power density of the hydrino reaction in the suncell. Was the idea alone enough to make the pants of my audience spontaneously combust? I took the opportunity to break for intermission.

Watch at your own risk.